How to Register

Managed VictoriaMetrics - is a database-as-a-service platform, where users can run and manage multiple VictoriaMetrics instances without any operational burden.

Amazon Web Services

Managed VictoriaMetrics id distributed via AWS Marketplace. To start using the service, one should have already registered AWS account. Then, go to the VictoriaMetrics product page and click "Continue to Subscribe" button:

Then on product page press the "Subscribe" button:

You'll be taken to Managed VictoriaMetrics auth page: Choose to register manually or via Google Auth.
Please note, that initial registering is only possible via link from AWS Marketplace. See what to do after registering in Quick Start guide.

Users and accounts

In Managed VictoriaMetrics multiple users can be registered via the same AWS account, in the same way how AWS account could have multiple users.
All users registered via the same AWS account will have the same access level and resource visibility.